Welcome to the home of free classic English literature ebooks.

The purpose of this website is to encourage the wider enjoyment of English literature. It contains free ebooks in two categories:

Classic English novels, abridged

This is a series of famous but difficult novels, which have been slightly simplified and shortened to about two-thirds of the original length. They can be downloaded free in pdf, epub and mobi (Kindle) formats.

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Classic English poetry ebooks

These are collections of well-known poetry in the public domain, downloadable as free pdf, epub and mobi files.

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Omnibus editions

There are omnibus editions of classic adventure novels, adapted for the modern reader, as well as of the abridged novels on this website. They are available on the Kindle store: learn more here.

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Books on this site are edited/compiled by Emma Laybourn.

If you are looking for Emma's stories for children, please visit her main website Megamouse Books.

If you are an adult learning English, you may be interested in ESL books by Emma's sister.

You are welcome to share or copy the ebooks on this site for any non-commercial purpose. They may not be sold.

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Cover of Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights Abridged, a free ebook

Cover of English Poetry of Landscape, a free ebook anthology